We are all in this together!

Covid Update: Summer programs planned start date is July 5th. Dates are subject to change in compliance with government guidelines.


The following restrictions have been put in place in response to the requirements set out by the Province and Health Officials.  All restrictions are subject to change as new guidelines are received.

• If you or any person planning to come to the facility feels sick or has any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, tiredness), please do not attend your session/enter the building and let us know.

• All who enter must be wearing a face mask/ face covering.

• Entry to the facility is allowed only 15 minutes prior to the session start time. We ask that you also exit 15 minutes after your booking ends.

• Spectators are allowed in a basis of the building's max capacity of 50 people at a time. For our programming (Paramount Ice Classes) we will allow one parent per child.

 • Please follow our guidelines when entering and exiting the facility. Please enter through the front doors and exit through the side door beside rink 1 (clearly marked).

• The dressing rooms are available, but we still ask that you come fully dressed and only use the change rooms to put on skates, helmets and gloves. Masks must be worn until players put their helmets on.

• Washrooms are available with specific protocols to be followed.

• All players must bring a water bottle. Sharing of any items is strictly prohibited.

• Anyone who does not follow the rules will be immediately be asked to leave.

• The goal is to ensure that everyone is protected as much as possible.


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